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Great job updating?  I've been horrible at keeping the website up to date.  After I returned from vacation, I entered into contract negotiations between the Company I work for and my Union.  I'm a Union steward and member of the negotiation team.  We went so far as to issue a strike notice.  We resolved our issues and my schedule is back to routine...which means from really fucking busy down to damn I'm busy.

In my personal life, I have a new old girlfriend. I've known her for eighteen years and we've dated in that time but we are giving it one more shot.

Now on the real reasons I have this site.

Horrible news from my city of Houston.  Four firefighters died today in the line of duty.  Details can be found on Houston Chronicle's article "5-alarm Blaze in SW Houston Kills 4 Firefighters." My prayers go out to family, friends and coworkers of the fallen.

Compared to the tragedy, other news is insignificant but noteworthy in the scope of this website.

Tons of news coming out of the University of Houston.  Charles Sims, the best player on the football team, aburptly left the program.  I'll have some insight on that in a future post. 

My hometown SA Spurs are in the NBA Finals again.

The Houston Dynamo's home unbeaten streak came crashing down with two consecutive defeats. But they started a new streak of one against 4th division FC Tucson in Lamar Hunt U.S. Open competition.

My girlfriends new favorite Dynamo is Giles Barnes.  She missed a whole sequence in goal cause she was watching him warm up on the sidelines.  Much to her joy, Barnes scored this beaut of a free kick goal:

So I missed a rodeo performance and soccer match.  Not the end of the world.

Anyway, like I said in a previous blog post, this is a personal website and I'd like to post more personal stuff besides my sports and political writings.  Hey, this place is a do what I want with site....

Anyway, I spent last week at Lake Livingston Sate Park with my best friend.  The fishing wasn't great but time out there was relaxing.

Click on the picture below for more pictures of the trip.

Again I've been super busy at work but I took a little vacation to Lake Livingston last week.  I'm back in the rat race this week. 

For some reason, my dumbass decided to work graveyard shift.  I don't work the night shift and I'm officially a straight day worker.  My boss needed a hand on nights and I said yes.  I picked the wrong week.  I missed the Houston Rodeo appearance of Styx and the Houston Dynamo home leg of the CCL quarter finals.

I did make the Dynamo home opener on Saturday and I'll have my little write up later today.

For my personal enjoyment, here are highlights to both Dynamo wins.

Dynamo vs Santos in the Concacaf Champions League Quarterfinal home leg.

The home opening 2-0 win vs. DC United.

I updated the Monkey Cage blog with my thoughts on North Korean's latest nuclear test.

Also updated are pictures from Carnival New Orleans 2013 and Krewe of Pygmalion Parade 2013.
Pygmammoth 2013
Carnival NOLA 2013
I give a brief take on John O'Korn - Crown Jewel of UH 2013 recruiting class.

Sigh, the Houston Cougars were terrible this year.  After last year's high of so many highs, I'm left this off season with hopeful positives for the future.

Tonight I start off with, new UH recruit kicker Ty Cummings in my new series of Houston Cougar 2013 Recruits.

Wow...have I fallen off with updates or what?  Again, I have no one to blame but myself.  I had plenty to write about the Dynamo run to the MLS Cup, the magical Texans season thus far and the dismal failure of my Houston Cougars.

On the non-sports world, I had thoughts on Sandy Hook and gun control. 

So instead of anything thought provoking for my first post in a long time, I give you my Day of Relaxing and Fishing.